He Tohu Aroha

Moses Daniels 10.06.1908 - 27.07.1942

Jack Hotere 20.09.1922 - 23.12.1943


Moses Daniels was born in Kaihu and is buried in El Alamein War Cemetery in Egypt and Jack Hotere was born in Mitimiti and is buried in Sangro War Cemetery in Italy. 

Because of this great distance, our whānau in Aotearoa, New Zealand has found it extremely difficult to grieve the loss of their beloved uncle, brother and others who did not return to their ūkaipō in Kaihu and Mitimiti. 

To date, our whānau still grieve, still tangi and will forever remember them for their great sacrifice so that we may have what we have today in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Ka maumahara tonu mātou ki a rāua mo ake tonu atu.


As a symbolic token from their ūkaipō, from whence they were born, two rosaries were made from stones collected from Kaihu and Mitimiti and have travelled around the Hokianga and down to the Waikato to reach as many whānau as possible before they travel to Egypt and Italy respectively. 

These rosaries have been touched, held, worn and blessed and have become “he tohu aroha” and carry the wairuatanga, the mamaetanga and the aroha of all the whānau whanui that have crossed their path. Kia tau te rangimarie i a mātou ki a rāua. 

No reira, e ngā mate, kua whetūrangitia e, moe mai rā, moe mai rā ki Hawaiki nui, Hawaiki roa, Hawaiki pamamao.  



Jack Hotere




Moses Daniels





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